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Oh Happy Doh has developed some amazing scented playdough which is not only soft and long-lasting, it is also moisturising for tiny hands.  They are a wonderful small business making handmade, non-toxic playdough in New Zealand.  

Playdough enhances our the fine motor skills of our little ones with all the squishing, squashing, rolling and flattening of playdough, assisting in the strengthening and development of the hand muscles. Encourage your children to use their creativity and take their imagination to anywhere they want it to be - shapes, animals, scene-setting.

It also increases their curiosity and knowledge, coupled with a calming effect - which maybe why parents find playing with playdough also super satisfying!

  • Each glass jar is packed with 220g of non-toxic, child-friendly playdough all made from 100% food grade ingredients.
  • Whilst all ingredients are considered 100% food grade, our playdough is made with very high salt content and is not ideal for consumption. Play dough is also choking hazard, children should ALWAYS have adult supervision when playing.
  • Contains organic coconut oil, gluten and soy products.
  • This playdough has a lifespan of 6 months+ so long as it is well looked after. It is best stored in the glass jar provided. Keep the play dough out of direct sunlight.

Oh Happy Doh takes the utmost care in recreating what you see in our colour samples, however there may be some slight variation due to monitor screens, phone settings and the general nature of our play dough

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