EcoTots was born to curate a collection of durable and sustainable children’s products, that make buying responsibly second nature.

Within our family of five we endeavour to have lower waste in our home. There are many parts of both our lives and our childrens' lives, where we can be more mindful in our purchasing decisions.  Now more than ever in a world of plastic, it’s important for children to understand their natural environment and the roles and interactions between humans and the planet. 

Play and toys is our first focus in growing our wee family-owned business. We aim to inspire and nurture the imagination of our children through timeless play in our collections, chosen for their quality and uniqueness. Playing with toys is beneficial to a child's social, cognitive, physical, and emotional wellbeing, and we wish to nurture and develop the imagination of our little ones.

Our own children have made the best testers for us! We have loved watching them working for their play and using their imagination. A lot of our collections are about going back to basics, whilst being kinder to our earth, one step at a time.

Thank you for your time visiting us, we hope you love your treasures and will use them for many years to come.

From the EcoTots family x



“Let the child be the scriptwriter, the director and the actor in his own play” - Magda Gerber